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Audi cabriolet


Audi (a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) is globally known for providing an august relationship between opulence and comfort. The German automobile manufacturer has substantially proved itself by frequent innovations in it’s manufactured cars. Audi Cabriolet endorses this fact; which keeps an eminent stature in automobile arena. Audi Cabriolet photo is enough to make any one infatuated for it, for it contains luxury, comfort, and style in one body. It is not a car which only keeps shining beguiling curves, but Audi cabriolet is potent enough to prove itself through it’s efficiency and modern engine.Audi cabriolet photo - 1

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The 90's revolution

  Cabriolet term has not been affiliated with Audi cars from beginning, and on initial level it possessed adequate semblance with Audi-80 and Audi-90; the cars which actually paved the path to produce Cabriolet Audi. The car commenced it's evolution in early 90's, and it has gone through a long way to become one of the great productions of Audi. The Audi cabriolet was actually based on 1989 Audi Cope, because re-engineering the basics to fabricate a cabriolet contained a lot of constraints. Audi cabriolet photo - 2

Audi cabriolet specs

  This exceptional car bolsters the confidence of customers for it's great structure, striking body and efficient mechanical parts. Audi cabriolet basically comes under "A series" and "S (and RS) series". The cars affiliated with A series include the advance sports car A-5 Audi Cabriolet. The car keeps a 220-hp TFSI engine under it's body with efficient 8-speed Tiptronic transmission which makes this car a dream car for racing hunks. Audi cabriolet photo - 4


  Audi Cabriolet provides soothing environment to all kind of users, whether it's a group of youngsters who wants to make everything out its powerful engine, or the car is carrying family within it. The space constraints do exist, but overshadowed by it's reliability, fuel economy and affordability. Any one who aspires comfortable driving experience, modern design, and reliable vehicle ought to look for Audi Cabriolet. Audi cabriolet photo - 5 Audi cabriolet photo - 6 Audi-cabriolet-photo-6 Audi-cabriolet-photo-7 Audi-cabriolet-photo-8 Audi-cabriolet-photo-9 Audi A3 Cabriolet/Fahraufnahme Audi-cabriolet-photo-11 Audi-cabriolet-photo-12 Audi-cabriolet-photo-13 Audi-cabriolet-photo-14 Audi-cabriolet-photo-15 Audi-cabriolet-photo-16 Audi-cabriolet-photo-17 Audi-cabriolet-photo-18 Audi-cabriolet-photo-19 Audi-cabriolet-photo-20

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