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Luxurious,vintage and classic for an automotive enthusiast is Audi Fox or 1978 Audi fox is the topmost choice to have right now. Manufactured by Audi and unveiled its first edition in 1973 and subsequently voted as the “Car of the Year” during its year of debut. 1978 Audi fox was designed as two and four door wagon type making it a very comfortable and economical car in its year of production run achieving 142 500 units sales.

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1978 Audi fox interior view was designed to be spacious having an interior adequate enough to fit 5 persons and it has a very generous trunk capable to carry 952 Kg.1978 Audi fox is a front-wheel drive with a manual 4-speed gearbox and engine with a torque net of 121 Nm/89 lb-ft . 1978 Audi fox is capable to reach a maximum speed of 165 Km/h. Indeed Audi fox has a great handling ability and long suspensions make it a best suit to travel a relaxing long distance trip. Audi fox photo - 2 Audi fox photo - 3 Audi fox photo - 5 Audi fox photo - 6 Audi-fox-photo-6 Audi-fox-photo-7 Audi-fox-photo-8 Audi-fox-photo-9 Audi-fox-photo-10

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