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Audi S7


Audi S7 review: The first generation Audi S7 is a luxury sedan that oozes refinement, versatility, and subtlety all in one. Coming into the market in 2013, it joined the Audi duet of S6 and S6 Avant in the list of sports cars which cruise on 4 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine.

The high performance car weighs 1.945 tonnes, a quite surprising weight if you consider the saloon car’s flexibility and fluidity on the road. The interior of the car is also quite sophisticated. It is complete with an electromechanical steering wheel and a chic infotainment system alongside other tech and safety features. These sure make for a comfortable ride in the hatchback styled luxury sports car.

Audi stuck to its four door sedan design in this 2013 model. It didn’t attempt the five door styling like the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz did in their 5 series GT and R-class respectively. The renown carmaker also included adjustable air suspensions in this sedan to cater to its role as a sports ride.

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Exterior features

Audi S7 specs: The car has a hatchback style and an aluminium and steel unibody. Its exterior appeal is further augmented by a frameless glass door and a front grille that is lined with matte. It also has matte-finished wheel trims, LED headlights, running lights, and four exhaust pipes. In addition to everything, there are ID badges on the grille and the decklid. These give it a distinct Audi identity. Audi s7 photo - 6

Interior features

The sedan has a tasteful interior with leather-covered seats and a sleek dashboard that includes a four zone climate control feature, a navigation button, a modern sound system, and other high end infotainment features. Other interior features include heated rear seats and steering wheel and carbon interior trims. Audi-s7-photo-3


The sports car runs on a 4 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine. This petrol powered engine gives a horsepower of 420 hp. Audi-s7-photo-4

Performance and drivetrain

Audi S7 has a 7 speed automatic transmission and is an all wheel drive. Audi-s7-photo-5

Fuel economy

The sedan's fuel economy is 25 mpg on highways and 17 mpg within the city. Audi-s7-photo-6

Audi S7 has been upgraded once. There's a more sophisticated and better performing 2017 version.

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