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The whole new lovely BMW i8 2016 is about to launch after mid 2017.The stylish sports car will be updated in powertrain,Chassis and Overall design of the product.There will be almost 18 percent increase in the power comparing current scenario. All available efficient dynamic techniques are united in this model with intelligent lightweight technique has been evolved in this system .Auto dimming mirror, Adjustable suspension system, 20” wheels and lot more extra features has been available in this sheer beauty.



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The i8 looks 184.6 inches long, 76.5 inches wide & 51.0 inches tall, where the dimensions that make it taller and wider.When it comes to the safety it has dual front,side and curtain airbags.When situation is not under control ,the Lithium-ion battery will be automatically disconnected from all the electronic components. Although it will not entirely rely on sports car model.This luxury car comes with bot electric motor and a twin-power turbo petrol train.Where it takes 2 hours to charge the battery but when it is fully charged it will give you the mileage of 37 Kms.The rear axle is made with a 1499cc petrol motor that is integrated with multi-point fuel injection technology. So now all the eyes on the launch date of sport beauty BMW i8. Bmw-i8-photo-2 Bmw-i8-photo-3 Bmw-i8-photo-4 Bmw-i8-photo-5 Bmw-i8-photo-6 Bmw-i8-photo-7 Bmw-i8-photo-8 BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition Bmw-i8-photo-10

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