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Over the few years after BMW began releasing the BMW series, there was no doubt that upgrades in the series could be impossible. Here today, BMW 7-series presents it’s remarkable climax of technology for the brand. BMW M7 has been constructed with full consideration from carbonfibre to maintain the weight of the car, so the efficiency and agility of this car will be automatically improved. This feature makes BMW M7 is ready to compete with its fabulous competitors.

It is available on the market, but has not yet flaked the streets. Since March 2017, automotive lovers have already been able to tests the future BMW M7. With its brilliant looks, manufacturers hope the new BMW M7 can ran on jet speed as it may utilize the V-12 engine. Below is the BMW M7 review to inform you more about this fantastic car.

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Exterior Design

Front View

The front fascia of the BMW M7 comes with a bumper which encompasses greater air intakes. The framework is deliberately shaped by the dual kidney to get black vertical slats and the customary M’ badge. This classy sedan has a four sided trademark opening in the middle. It is also equipped by aerodynamic mirrors and new side skirts that beautify its appearance as well as help the car keep its balance. All side windows are designed black to protect the users’ privacy and safety. Lighter wheels can also be found over the cup braking system to make the driver comfort. Moreover, it is specially designed to sit closer to the ground.

Rear View

The rear of this innovative car is equipped with redesigned bumper and a new spoiler for the trunk lid. M7’ badge is medially placed in its rear side. To give the drivers more simplicity and convenience to ride this luxurious car, the car is completely equipped with front and rear parking sensors, so they can view out all directions easily. Bmw m7 photo - 5

Interior Design

Its high quality interior design looks sumptuous. An all leather covering and Alcantara which includes the M’ branded steering wheel decorate the car. Dashboard composed of carbon-fiber, aluminum trim, center console and door sills illuminated and covered with BMW M7 logo give a classy impression. However, the seats are specially designed to give a little bit sporty look as well. Electronic driver’s seat and flat-down steering wheel adjustment particularly set to make it easy to create the perfect driving position for the driver. Gesture control functions, connected drive services, as well as advanced real-time traffic and navigation are completely provided. General info display screen, such as speed, speed limits, system alerts and others, also complement the facility for the drivers. An updated iDrive 5.0 infotainment system incorporates a gizmos and touchscreen for the first time. It is specially made to recognize hand gestures. BMW M7 offers optional rear entertainment screens that are nice to touch, completed with the car's standard wi-fi preparation. This impressive feature enables the user to keep working on their laptop or streaming a film in the middle of the journey. It can also in turn be mirrored on the rear screens. Wireless headphones are also give a complete package of the feature. Furthermore, the users can slot into a wireless charging under the front armrest. This enables them to charge their gadget. It also accepts wireless charging. BMW M7 also prepares Courtesy of the Executive Lounge Seating option, in which the front passenger seat can electronically contort itself into a footrest for the steeply reclined occupant behind. The seats are well designed to give more than enough space for four adults. The long wheelbase version is created to bring the users’ comfort to the next level. The boot itself can compete strictly with rivals and it is big enough for two or three large suitcases. Bmw m7 photo - 6

Engine Specifications

BMW M7 Specs: As the new innovation of BMW, this car has strong engine that makes it safe and comfortable for high-speed ride. The engine uses a clever variable inlet geometry turbo to deliver better response at low revs. Its 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission is only available in the gearbox. M7 is ready to run on a 6.0-liter V-12 engine. Its massive single-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six has impressive low-end response and strong top-end pull. It charges the mills which will output 640 horsepower and 620 pounds feet torque, while its power will head through an eight –speed automatic transmission and the xDrive all-wheel drive that will reach up to 62mph in 3.9 seconds. Bmw-m7-photo-4

Fuel economy

This elegant car is quite economical in fuel with average fuel economy of 26 mpg. Its fuel tank can be filled up to 20.6 gallons and its fuel range reaches 530 miles.

Release Date
BMW M7 is expected to run on the road in 2017. However, it has been able to be tested since March 2016. Bmw-m7-photo-6
The new BMW M7 is powerful as well as frugal at the same time. BMW M7 specifications need not be doubted. Its luxury and high technology features will make the users experience an incredible cruise. It will be one of the fastest four-wheel sedan that can be equally compared with Audi S8 Plus, Cadillac CT6-V and Mercedes-AMG S63/S65 luxury cars. Bmw-m7-photo-7 Bmw-m7-photo-8 Bmw-m7-photo-9 Bmw-m7-photo-10 Bmw-m7-photo-11 Bmw-m7-photo-12 Bmw-m7-photo-13 Bmw-m7-photo-14 Bmw-m7-photo-15 Bmw-m7-photo-16 Bmw-m7-photo-17 Bmw-m7-photo-18

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