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German automaker in 1995 gave the world a pleasant surprise by introducing its first ever roadster for the mass market, the BMW Z3. This was also the first ever new BMW model to be assembled in the U.S.

The gun barrel shaped sportscar entered the auto market in style. It was launched via a video press conference and then a few months afterwards, there was a short James Bond film featuring it.

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Two versions

BMW Z3 came in two versions. These included the standard roadster version that is referred to as E36/7 and the coupe version that is distinguished as E36/8. The latter did not come into the market until 1999. Bmw z-3 photo - 2

Behind the name Z3

The letter Z stands for the word, Zukunft. This is the German word for future. BMW Z3 had been preceded by BMW Z1. It was later on succeeded by the BMW Z4 model.

Production years

Production of the German machine lasted about 7 years. The company stopped its production in 2002. Bmw z-3 photo - 3

BMW Z3 review

The Z3 is a luscious roadster that brought a new lease of life to the world of mass market sportscars. Curved yet still relatively compact, the BMW became an instant hit with its numbers selling out even before the first model could be taken to a showroom. The BMW Z3 delivers a powerful performance of its old fashioned E30 3 inspired rear suspension. Its 2.8 liter 190 hp 6 cylinder engine in combination with its aerodynamic body makes it easy on road. Its curvy body and elongated front gives it a classy appearance and a subtle kind of prettiness. Its interior is quite comfortable and functional but it could do better with more sophisticated materials and a less gigantic steering wheel. Bmw z-3 photo - 4

BMW Z3 specs

Exterior: The Z3 is a model that catches your eye from afar. It has 96.8 inches wheels with aluminium rims which offer it a striking look. The front part is also elongated making it look sporty and sophisticated in a vintage-like manner. The car's front contains minimal details with the only notable feature being a pair of headlights. Z3 is a two-door roadster. BMW Z3 Interior features leather seats, dual stage side airbags, and a modest dashboard with a tachometer, an audio system, a traction control system, and other control details. The model's interior is less fancy in comparison to that of other BMW models. Engine: Z3 has various engine options but the major ones are the initial 1.9 liter 128hp four cylinder engine and the 2.8 liter 190 hp 6 cylinder engine that was introduced in 1997. Transmission: The roadster has two types of transmission. These include a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission. Bmw z-3 photo - 5


The Z3 underwent several remodelings during its production years. The latest BMW Z3 version is that of the year 2000. The car model still remains active on the roads today. Bmw z-3 photo - 6 Bmw-z-3-photo-7 Bmw-z-3-photo-8 Bmw-z-3-photo-9 1998 BMW Z3 M Coupe; top car design rating and specifications Bmw-z-3-photo-11 Bmw-z-3-photo-12 Bmw-z-3-photo-13 Bmw-z-3-photo-14 Bmw-z-3-photo-15 Bmw-z-3-photo-16 Bmw-z-3-photo-17 Bmw-z-3-photo-18 Bmw-z-3-photo-19

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