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BMW Z9 Review


The BMW Z9 is a four-seat coupe that was introduced in 1999 by the German automobile manufacturer. It is based on the 7-Series platform and comes with a well thought-after exterior & interior design and a powerful engine. It’s body is made of carbon fiber while it’s frame consists of aluminium and other stronger materials. Read on this BMW Z9 review to learn more about the coupe.

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BMW Z9 specs- Exterior

  The automaker’s iconic kidney grille and dual round headlights are some of the features that glaze the front end of the latest BMW Z9 model. The hood is a bit long while the rear deck is short bringing out a typical sports coupe design. The turn signals feature neon light technology while the rear lights are incorporated with LED technology. The car also has gull wing doors that can open and close automatically. Its front and rear wheels measure 20 inches and 21 inches respectively. Bmw z-9 photo - 4

BMW Z9 specs- Interior

  The 2014 BMW Z9 model has a high-quality leather upholstery in the dashboard, steering wheel and seats. Other materials such as wood and fabric are available in the center console and interior panels respectively. Concerning technology, the coupe is incorporated with the Intuitive Interaction Concept that can operate most of its functions. It has an 8.8-inch monitor, a modern tachometer & speedometer, a climate control unit and a powerful audio system. A multifunctional knob is installed between the front seats to operate some of the car's controls. The dashboard has a light switch, a starter button and an electronic key while the steering wheel has buttons for shifting gears. Moreover, a dash-mounted lever is provided to help engage the drive and reverse gears. Bmw-z-9-photo-3

BMW Z9 Engine

  The four-seat coupe is equipped with a 3.9-liter V8 engine capable of generating 245 hp and 413 lb-ft. This powertrain is paired with a Steptronic transmission system that is operated by the buttons located in steering wheel. Bmw-z-9-photo-4 Bmw-z-9-photo-5 Bmw-z-9-photo-6 Bmw-z-9-photo-7 BMW Z9 gran turismo concept Bmw-z-9-photo-9 Bmw-z-9-photo-10 Bmw-z-9-photo-11 Bmw-z-9-photo-12 Bmw-z-9-photo-13 Bmw-z-9-photo-14 Bmw-z-9-photo-15

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