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The 1973 and 1974 Buick Apollo is a classic that many car owners still appreciate today. The Buick Apollo was only available for those two years, but it the first compact car made in America.

The Buick has simulated rectangular portholes, and a chrome trip on the bottom sides of the car. Buyers could also choose to get additional chrome plating around the car’s windows. It’s other stylish features included the vinyl roof, and side molding. It also had 2 large front bumper guards for those who wanted additional safety.

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Buyers could buy the Buick Apollo as a 2-door coupe, 3-door hatchback, or a 4-door sedan. The engine was either the Chevy-built 4.1L or the Buick-built 5.7L V8. Depending on the engine the Buick had a 3 or 4 speed manual, a 2 speed Powerglide, or a 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission. The Buick came with a radio, that had the antennae hidden in the windshield, which diminished the need for an outdoor antenna. Buick apollo photo - 2 Buick apollo photo - 3 Buick apollo photo - 4 Buick apollo photo - 5 Buick apollo photo - 6 Buick-apollo-photo-7 Buick-apollo-photo-8 Buick-apollo-photo-9 Buick-apollo-photo-10

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