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The present Chrysler 100 car will be modified as a new real compact car comes the next year 2017. The car will be smaller, lighter and likely more competitive in fuel economy and acceleration.

The car will have four-cylinder petroleum engine. It will have five-inch UConnect system or Garmin navigation just like the other Chryslers.


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The Chrysler 100 expected will have a length of 177-180 inches and a width of 70 inches. The wheelbase will be approximately 104 inches while its cumulative weight will be 2.9. The car will have a trunk volume of 11.5 unlike Dodge Dart whose trunk capacity is 13.1. At this point, the weight and trunk volume of the car is purely speculative. The car will have Chrysler Uconnect system. The system brings the interactive capability to the in-car radio and telemetric controls to vehicle settings. It will be able to connect the internet through the cell phone network of the owner. Chrysler-100-photo-2 Chrysler 100 is the best car that you may not wish to miss come the year 2017. It will be luxurious and quite economical. Chrysler-100-photo-3 Chrysler-100-photo-4 Chrysler-100-photo-5 Chrysler-100-photo-6 Chrysler-100-photo-7 Chrysler-100-photo-8 Chrysler-100-photo-9 Chrysler-100-photo-10

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