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Think for a moment you are living in the early 1980s. The automobile industry has been in virtual performance car paralysis for a year. But there are flickering signs of revival at Chevy and Ford with their Camaro and Mustang. The pocket is tight so you have to do with whatever amount you have in the pocket.

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  In 1985, Chrysler debuted the Laser and its nearly identical twin the Dodge Dayton. Chrysler Laser was powered by a standard 2.3 liter four with 95 horsepower on tap. Better performance could be obtained from an updated turbocharged version, boasting 145 horsepower. The Chrysler Laser engine offered 3/5 speed automatics and five-speed manuals. It also had a digital dashboard and featured slightly different structure from Dodge Dayton. Chrysler laser photo - 2   After 1987, Laser was dropped by the company though its twin sister Dodge continued until 1993. In the United States and Europe, Chrysler Laser gave way to LeBaron which was presented as sportier than the Laser. However, the company was not yet done with the name Laser and in 1990, it was resurrected as 1990 Plymouth Laser. Chrysler laser photo - 3 Chrysler laser photo - 4 Chrysler laser photo - 5 Chrysler laser photo - 6 Chrysler-laser-photo-7 Chrysler-laser-photo-8 Chrysler-laser-photo-9 Chrysler-laser-photo-10

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