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Datsun 200sx

It’s type of a Nissan car which originated in the year 1980.The car is designed in different shapes and colors.It has a hardtop and hatchback coupes. Its engine is enlarged up to two liters so as to create the z20E. Most of these cars enjoyed strong sales numbers throughout their run.In fact ,many of such beautiful cars are still on road and very strong.

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1980 Datsun 200sx

This type of a car has got hatchback 5-speed with a 2-door hatchback coupe body.The engine is also large sizes with a capacity to hold fuel. The model of these cars are preferred most by many since they are fuel economical ,very fast and durable . Datsun 200sx photo - 2

1981 Datsun 200sx

It’s a two compact sport coupe with front-engine and front-wheel drive vehicle which is fit for sports.The style of its design is suitable for those who want a strong sport car to use daily. Datsun 200sx photo - 3 Datsun 200sx photo - 4 Datsun 200sx photo - 5 Datsun 200sx photo - 6 Datsun-200sx-photo-7 Datsun-200sx-photo-8 Datsun-200sx-photo-9 Datsun-200sx-photo-10

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