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It was back in 2006 when Dodge decided to create it first concept car. Dodge had never ventured into the small compact car {mini MVP} market so when they unveiled the Dodge Hornet in 2006 the whole world was looking.

The Hornet came from the Hudson Motor Car Company. The car they made was far beyond it’s intended use. Chrysler loved the idea of the high-powered engine and almost sports car nuance that came with the Hornet that they took over the name.

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The Dodge Hornet that they built in 2006 had a manual gearbox and supercharged 1.6 litres, front engine, and front-wheel drive. Most the inspiration for the Dodge Hornet came from similar type rally car designs. Chryslers Dodge Hornet was pretty powerful for its heavy box car like design. It had a max speed of 135mph and was able to achieve 0 - 60mph just under 7.5 seconds. Other traits the car had included a crossbar grille that sat just above the engine's intercooler. Along with an open air shaft on the front hood to drive cool air into the engine. Dodge hornet photo - 2 When speaking about the car you really think of it as a sports concept car. The Dodge Hornet also came with some luxury style. Silver sleek caged looking alloys, give the viewer a peek of it's gold interior braked pads. With hinged wing-like doors, the rear doors open outwards to give you a unique experience.The car was marketed to rally fanatics and the early boy racer devotees. Like that of the exterior, the interior also had to be composed with power and sophistication. Gun metal silver lined the inside of the car and soften down with a leather black palette dashboard. Dodge hornet photo - 3 The foam covered seats were designed to save space and only to be crafted together with softly pinned cloth, covered in a dark polyurethane fabric. Sadly in late 2009 the finical crisis hit the Chrysler company hard and interfered with the marketing of The Dodge Hornet. Even thought the Mini Cooper remained the king of the concept car we have to raise a glass to Dodge, for challenging the Mini in the first place. Giving more options to mini MPV enthusiasts. Chrysler took a shine to the Dodge Hornet and tried on numerous occasions to resurrect the project. But the current economic climate has made even big companies like Chrysler, fear risk, with over thoughts of another throw at the dice with concept cars. Dodge hornet photo - 4 Dodge hornet photo - 5 Dodge-hornet-photo-6 Dodge-hornet-photo-8 Dodge-hornet-photo-9 Dodge-hornet-photo-10 Dodge-hornet-photo-11

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