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The Dodge M4s is an american high profile sport car designed by Bob Arkerman and built in 1984 by Dodge,was cherished in Detroit motor show,gained fame when it appeared on super natural a film “The wrath”,The Dodge M4s stands for Mid engine 4 cylinder sport.

Size of the Dodge M4s consists of five different manual transmission with double head engine,twin turbos and bosch injected fuel pumps that can allow it navigate various courses,the speed is confirmed by automobile journals as 194.8 miles per hour and can move from 0-60 miles per hour.


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The engine produces 400 horse power due to presence of Great twin turbos,engine capacity consist of 16 valves with a 2.2 litre accompanied within its system,layout engine is unique and enables The Dodge M4s enjoy double chance weight contribution within between the front and rear axles The Dodge M4s Body comprises of double wing doors with its rear part of the body can be easily accessed when opened and the original sleek version consists of alluminium 15 inch alloy wheels which was later copied for decorations for brands like Dodge Daytona and Acclaim, Dodge m4s photo - 2 Dodge m4s photo - 3 Dodge m4s photo - 4 Dodge m4s photo - 5 Dodge m4s photo - 6 Dodge-m4s-photo-7 Dodge-m4s-photo-8 Dodge-m4s-photo-9 Dodge-m4s-photo-10

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