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Sports car has always been the topmost choice of the automobile lovers. But when, it combines with a concept car, the result is simply irresistible. That is why car manufacturers across the world always think of something innovative which will steal the show in the automobile world. One such concept car is the Dodge Sidewinder which was unveiled in 1997. It was based on a sketch by done by stylish Mark Allen who was just a freshman out of a design school back then.

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About the car

The Dodge Sidewinder concept in 1997 was originally named as the Dodge Dakota Sidewinder. The car is famous because the two-seat sports car can easily be converted to a pickup truck. The body is made up of a 112-inch racing frame and is powered by an 8.0 litre V-10 engine. The rear wheels are powered up by front-mounted, VIPER GTS-R engine. The Sidewinder Dodge Dakota pickup car records 530 If-ft at torque which enables the car to touch 60 m/h in just 4 or 5 seconds. The engine has a capacity of 640 horse power. The highest speed which the Dodge Sidewinder can reach is 170 m/h. Dodge-sidewinder-photo-2


The car debuted in the 1997 SEMA show held at Las Vegas and caught everyone’s attention. It was rated as one of the greatest concept vehicles in the SEMA history. Dodge-sidewinder-photo-3 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-4 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-5 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-6 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-7 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-8 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-9 Dodge-sidewinder-photo-10

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