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50 years ago, if someone said that the Fiat Jolly, Fiat 600 Jolly, Fiat 500 Jolly were going to be sought after collectibles, no one was going to believe it. This is because they were initially designed to be used at the beach on the sunny days, the mid-century equivalent of the golf cart. The cars were built for the rich and famous, making the production by Ghia not last for too long.The Fiat Jolly retains its originality by having original Italian plates. There are at most 100 of them still existing today and this is the reason why they are being sold at collectible prices.

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The Fiat 600 Jolly is slightly larger than the counterpart 500 Jolly. Fiat 600 Jolly has a liquid cooled four-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 633 CC. This model can achieve speeds of up to 55 mph and still be able to maintain the fuel economy. Fiat 500 Jolly on the other hand is smaller, has an open four-seat body and wicker seats which they allows you to air dry wet bathing suits. Fuel economy is the most outstanding feature about this car. If you are a collectible fanatic, this is one car that you should add to your collection! Fiat jolly photo - 2 Fiat jolly photo - 3 Fiat jolly photo - 4 Fiat jolly photo - 5Fiat jolly photo - 6 Fiat-jolly-photo-7 Fiat-jolly-photo-8 Fiat-jolly-photo-9 Fiat-jolly-photo-10

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