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Ford is an American car company which is famous for its commercial vehicles. It is a multinational car manufacturing company which has carved their names in almost all parts of the world. Ford is one of the oldest and the leading manufacturers in the field of automobiles. The company has launched many trucks, buses, sports cars, tractors and other touring cars.



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  Among all the products, the company's F-series has got a good brand value among the customers. Ford F-series is a series of super duty trucks that have been designed and marketed since 1948. Ford F-series has a large number of variants. Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 and F-650 are the super duty truck variants launched by Ford. Ford is highly involved in the redesign of the F-series super duty trucks and are yet to be be seen on the roads in the coming years. One oldest variant among the F-series is the Ford F-850.   Ford f-850 photo - 2   F- 850 was a super duty truck that was launched in the year 1967 by the Ford Company. The super duty trucks launched by Ford had a good commercial value. F-850 was used for long trips and towing. It was highly comfortable and had earned a good rating among the customers for its performance, fuel economy, exterior styling, interior design and reliability. The following are the specifications of Ford F-850.   Ford f-850 photo - 3   Ford F-850 Specifications: Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar Engine Model: 3208 T Florse Power: 200-300 Fuel Type: Diesel Suspension: Flendrickson Transmission: 10Spd Tires: 22.5 Wheels: All Steel Number of Wheels: 4 Axles: 6x4 Number of Rear Axles: Tandem Rear Axles: 35,000- 40,000 lbs Suspension: Beam; 6x4 Driver side: Left Fland drive Part Type: Doors   Ford f-850 photo - 6 Ford-f-850-photo-3 Ford-f-850-photo-6 Ford-f-850-photo-7 Ford-f-850-photo-8 Ford-f-850-photo-9 Ford-f-850-photo-10

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