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Go4-interceptor is a perfect three wheeler car designed for the exploration in the places with low space with the high speed and dexterity. Go4-interceptor was used by the police department for event patrolling and for airport security as it is easy to use in space conscious areas. The go-4 interceptor was even used as parking enforcement in San Francisco in the year 1900s. It is only 52 inches wide and 72inches tall that is why it requires less space and 69HP, 45MPG and the 1L engine makes it powerful enough for high speed and performance.

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It's design is slim and sturdy that gives it light weight and good sturdiness. It is competent and reliable the reason why it is preferred by police and many other government agencies. It is remarkably practical and better than many other conventional vehicles, its small size and high power makes it easy and dependable. The another model of Go-4 interceptor is 100% electric that makes it echo friendly too and goes for less than $1.70 in most states. Go-4 interceptor photo - 3 Go-4 interceptor photo - 4 Go-4 interceptor photo - 5 Go-4 interceptor photo - 6 Go-4-interceptor-photo-6 Go-4-interceptor-photo-7 Go-4-interceptor-photo-8 Go-4-interceptor-photo-9 Go-4-interceptor-photo-10

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