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Kawasaki T-Rex, also known as Campagna T-Rex is a three wheeler motor vehicle, designed and created by Campagna Corporation which is based in Quebec, Canada. It is powered by a 1.4 L Kawasaki straight-four engine and registered under the motorcycle category. Kawasaki T-Rex and Kawasaki T Rex are one machine, it’s just the bar that makes it look different. Its interior can accommodate two people only, the driver and one passenger who should sit side by side on adjustable seats with seat belts. It has a foot peddle and the manual transmission resembles a motorbike rather than a car.

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The T-Rex was first hand-crafted by Daniel Campagna, a late 1970s Formula racer. Due to his company's financial difficulties in 2004, he granted other companies the license to sell T-Rex worldwide, but then four years later the company was declared bankrupt. In 2009 after it was newly acquired it opened again and now the company has employed 23 people and produce two to three automobiles per week. Kawasaki t-rex photo - 5


The Kawasaki-based T-Rex is truly unique and it is almost surprising that it is street legal. It is crafted in a beautiful way, its rear tyre, the exhausts, waterproof seats are just a few to mention. The vehicle is quite expensive and looks like it was made for well to do who have tried almost every desirable motorized toy and wants to show off with this one. Kawasaki t-rex photo - 6 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-4 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-5 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-6 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-7 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-8 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-9 Kawasaki-t-rex-photo-10

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