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The church is an important institution in society. All schools that people go to, teach them skills and equip them with competence. With that skill that one has acquired from school, then one will become important in the life of the family community and country in general. Yes, that is important but there is time for everything here on the earth. If you ask in your country you will find that, there is retirement age. Some people are not lucky to reach retirement. You have attended many funeral ceremonies of many young people! Death is inevitable in life, everyone will taste it. What do you know about death? Just like how you sought qualification from school, you can also prepare your eternity while it is still possible. In fact, you need to invest more in your eternity because of the eternity of longer than life here on the earth. Nevertheless, there are thousands of people who choose to ignore it and others who do not know anything about eternity. But certainly, there is life after death, not here on this planet but in heaven. One cannot inherit the kingdom of God by chance, it is rather a decision that one makes and live accordingly. In the church you will learn how you have been made the child of God, his love mercy, the reason why Jesus died in the cross, and how you can accept the grace of God in your life and become a new creation in the family of God. So, whether you have studied that in schools or not, you need to have and join a church. But the school will not assess you on how you believe or live your life. When you hear the church, you should understand the family of God and where you will find other believers. In the church you will learn all the concepts of eternity and what you need to do to inherit heaven. In the church you will find a place for children if you have them. And, you will find peace, joy, inner security, love, joy and many other intrinsic characters that the world cannot give you. From then on, you will love yourself and you will love others too. Many people led the life of fear and shame and doubts and anxiety and sadness and wickedness until the day they entered the church and accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior. Jesus is present everywhere and he will come in your heart if you accept him. So, you need to welcome him in your life and experience the experience that he gives to those that believe him. Have you lost joy and sense of life, you need Jesus? He will make you a better person knowing that you are made the child of God. Nowadays, churches have created websites. So, you can be sure that you will find one if you search it online.

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