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The Lotus t125 is a car inspired by F1 that puts into use Formula technology to deliver a magnificent performance on the track. The car is built on a carbon fiber chassis and powered by a 650-horsepower 3.5L Cosworth GPV8 engine capable of 10,300 rpm that can be raised to 10,800 rpm. The race car weighs in at 650 kilograms giving it a decent power to weight ratio to make it the fastest kind of a Formula 1 car.


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The Lotus t125 comes with a six-speed semi-automatic transmission coupled with a paddle shift. The Lotus t125 at 193.3 x 74.4 x 39.8 inches (LWFI) which is relative to the Porsche panamera. Amazingly, the company built only 25 cars each going for $ 1 million for the owners, Exos club, to form a private league for racing hence the name the Lotus Exos t125. The Lotus Exos t125 offers extreme speed and performance that members of this club will find exciting on the track. Lotus t125 photo - 2 Lotus-t125-photo-14 Lotus t125 photo - 4 Lotus t125 photo - 5 Lotus t125 photo - 6 Lotus-t125-photo-7 Lotus-t125-photo-8 Lotus-t125-photo-9 Lotus-t125-photo-10

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