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There are various features that buyers of motor vehicles consider before settling on a specific vehicle. Mazda is a well known brand that have involved with time to match with the market demands.


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  Mazda RX-5 is among the four generational models of Mazda Cosmos that were manufactured between 1967 and 1995. It belongs to the 2nd generation and was a target of the high class in the society. It competed in the world market with other high end motor vehicles due to its speed and model.   Mazda rx-5 photo - 3   It is mostly popular due to the features such as its unique design. It has two doors which makes it look sporty hence desirable among the young. It also has great engine power and speed. The car is also known for its low fuel consumption which saves cost for its owners. Mazda rx-5 photo - 4   Mazda RX-5 is spacious both at the front seats and the back seat making it comfortable for its occupants. The car is generally good for various uses.   Mazda rx-5 photo - 5 Mazda-rx-5-photo-5 Mazda-rx-5-photo-6 Mazda-rx-5-photo-7 Mazda-rx-5-photo-8 Mazda-rx-5-photo-9 Mazda-rx-5-photo-10

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