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This is a show vehicle which was designed by general motor. It is the 4th car in the series of other show vehicles which began in 1966. During production of the first car, they were intended to have the design theme that would later be used to produce the Pontiac sports cars. The first Banshee car was dubbed the XP_833 project during its development and was unveiled in 1964. Consequently, the Banshee II was made in 1968, Banshee III in 1974 and the Banshee IV (also known as Pontiac Banshee) in 1988.


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  The Pontiac Banshee is a two-door, four-seat car that has a sleek futuristic design. It has a fiberglass body and triangular hood. It contains a 230 horsepower fuel-injected single overhead V8 engine that powers the rear wheels. Its dashboard contains video displays as well as numerous buttons, for example, the ones on the steering wheel are twenty. It also has a heads up display (HUD) system projected speed, an engine RPM and the fuel level is displayed on the windshield, which is in the driver's field of vision. Its dual rear wings are also adjustable.   Pontiac banshee photo - 5 Pontiac banshee photo - 6 Pontiac-banshee-photo-4 Pontiac-banshee-photo-5 Pontiac-banshee-photo-6 Pontiac-banshee-photo-7 Pontiac-banshee-photo-8 Pontiac-banshee-photo-9 Pontiac-banshee-photo-11

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