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The Pontiac Firefly is an iconic car. Made by Suzuki it was known by many different names but the Pontiac name is most commonly associated with Canada. It is a super-mini car which means that it lies somewhere between a family car and a City car in terms of size. Despite its size it is a relatively sporty looking automobile.


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  The car was originally manufactured in Japan but production then moved to Japan. It was one of a range of Suzuki cars that was rebranded dependant on territory with the Pontiac being the Canadian model.   Pontiac firefly photo - 2   The car was produced with several door options and in several styles including: convertible, hatchback, sedan. It was a front wheel drive car and engine sizes ranged between 1 and 1.6 litres. The Pontiac Firefly has quite a famous name, but isn’t the most attractive motor vehicle ever produced. However they do have a reputation for being dependable.   Pontiac firefly photo - 3 Pontiac firefly photo - 4 Pontiac firefly photo - 5 Pontiac firefly photo - 6 Pontiac-firefly-photo-7 Pontiac-firefly-photo-8 Pontiac-firefly-photo-9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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