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The Tear had been launched first in brazil named as chevette.lt was a two door sedan.The US model having fuel efficient engine and some changes in the body released in 1981. This us version of the Pontiac T1000 was lighter than its previous model which was the Canadian model. The 1982 model of the Pontiac T1000 came with a 5 speed manual transmission on gasoline powered engine.This 1982 model of Pontiac was a 2-doors car. In 1983 models of the car the rear and front got modified.AII the models of 1983 T1000 featured plastic door panels. The interior of 1983 model got black interior.

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The successors of 1983 model of Pontiac T1000 came with some upgrades.In 1984 the Pontiac T1000 was renamed as Pontiac 1000. In 1986 the 1000 came up with a new features that is service engine soon light that replaced the previous check engine light. The 1987 version also featured some changes and the production of Pontiac 1000 ended in 1987. Pontiac t1000 photo - 2 Pontiac t1000 photo - 3 Pontiac t1000 photo - 4 Pontiac t1000 photo - 5 Pontiac t1000 photo - 6 Pontiac-t1000-photo-7 Pontiac-t1000-photo-8 Pontiac-t1000-photo-9 Pontiac-t1000-photo-10

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