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Signs of normal development in babies is a very joyful time for parents. Examples of such developments that make parents ecstatic are teething, sitting up, walking, speaking among others. In as much as all these bring happiness, it marks the beginning of a life of constant change and trying to keep up with the child.

For example, when we look at the process of teething, where the baby’s teeth break through the skin of the gums and start growing, a lot can go wrong. The baby becomes irritable and tends to put fingers and objects into their mouths to reduce the irritation caused by the process. The risk of suffocation and infection is very high if the guardians of the baby do not stay alert during this stage and in severe cases, death has been reported. There is hope, however, when one decides to consult a pediatric dentist since they can prescribe medication to reduce the discomfort caused by teething, leading to a happier baby.

Cleft lip or palate, is a birth defect that occurs when a baby is born without the proper formation of the mouth epithelia and jaw structure. In the present day and age, such defects are easier to solve with the aid of qualified pediatric dentists and surgeons. In some cases, speech is usually affected but the growth and formation of teeth occur naturally without a problem. A physiotherapist is sometimes sought to help with mobility of the jaw and facial muscles after a cleft lip or palate surgery.

If a child’s intake of sugary foods is not regulated, they risk the formation of cavities and tooth decay. A good oral hygiene routine will prevent this. For example, brushing teeth twice daily will help reduce the risk of cavities. How this helps, is by breaking down the molecular structure of bacteria that eats at the tooth enamel leaving it weak and susceptible to caving in. Flossing also helps to remove food particles that may have gotten stuck between your teeth when eating.

Proper oral hygiene should be observed when one desires strong and healthy white teeth. When one feeds their children healthy foods such as sugarcane and carrots, they help strengthen their kids’ gums. Encouraging them to also stay away from snacks such as biscuits, which stick on teeth surfaces, will also help prevent tooth decay. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist will ensure proper oral development of your kid and in the long run, give you a peace of mind.

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