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Since the advent of automobiles back in time, the enormous ever-growing industry of automobiles has encountered a myriad of brands of vehicles. Toyota cavalier is one such brand. Due to rising fears of imbalance in terms of trade, and to curb continued US restrictions of imports that Japanese make to the US, Toyota negotiated a deal that would aid and facilitate importation of genuine made US chevys as well as other good GM products of that time. Actually this deal proved to be a stepping stone as Toyota later managed to improve as well as adjust cavaliers to sell them under their own Toyota brand name as Toyota cavalier.

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The Toyota Cavalier has a shift as well as a steering that are both wrapped with leather, extended front fenders, signals for amber, side mirrors that can be folded, as well as carpeting within the lid of trunk. Other than this, the Toyota cavalier is right hand driven, exclusively manufactured in the US, Toyota Cavalier was sold between 1995-2000. Its also worth noting that 1996-2000 cavaliers came fitted out with 2.4L LD9 engines. However, Toyota cavalier fell below customer expectations and as a result became a flop. Toyota cavalier photo - 2 Toyota cavalier photo - 5 Toyota-cavalier-photo-5 Toyota-cavalier-photo-6 Toyota-cavalier-photo-7 Toyota-cavalier-photo-8 Toyota-cavalier-photo-9 Toyota-cavalier-photo-10 Toyota-cavalier-photo-11

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