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The Toyota Sunrader RV is a concept literally pulled right out of the 80’s. It’s retro look seems somewhat alien but in it’s heyday it was a fairly common part of the RV/camping experience. This 1987 RV model is robust and sturdy with a small frame.The sunrader caravan is usually cream in color. The caravan is bulky but anyone would notice that the caravan sits atop the chassis of a very sturdy toyota vehicle frame.The caravan is well sunlight by it’s many windows. It even has a canopy over the driver’s cockpit with widows as well to complete for an all around view without leaving the comfort of the home.


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  The target for the sunrader is for that lone wolf or that individual that want’s to be close to the outdoors; even the interior is wooden. The Interior has many amenities that calls back to home. It has space for a living set of chairs, a small table, sink, stove, small fridge and a bath area. It may be standard but it is for the unusual lone camper or the modern nomad.   Toyota sunrader photo - 2 Toyota sunrader photo - 3 Toyota sunrader photo - 4 Toyota sunrader photo - 5 Toyota sunrader photo - 6 Toyota-sunrader-photo-7 Toyota-sunrader-photo-8 Toyota-sunrader-photo-9 Toyota-sunrader-photo-10

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