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If you’ve always wanted to ride a thoroughbred Japanese bike, experience unrivaled levels of quality and enjoy the modern developments of the highest class of engineers, and at the same time you don’t want it causes serious damage to your budget, the Yamaha 150 – is the bike that you want.

Since the start of sales, Yamaha 150 was the best-selling and began to diverge enormous circulation around the world. Many riders appreciated its ease of management, design, high quality, comfort, ultra-low fuel consumption and dynamic dvigatel. It is a small city bike that perfectly cope with the delivery you from home to work and back. Moreover, this movement will be as quick and comfortable as possible.

Are you a car enthusiast and you’re tired of constant traffic jams? – Transferring to Yamaha 150 and forget about them! Also this is light and vibrant bike, which will allow you to take your evening or weekend. What could be better than to swallow kilometers of urban or suburban roads, driving a nice successor of the family Yamaha ?

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