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Home Zundapp company’s history can be dated to the year 1917.

Release of the first motorcycle occurred in 1921. This bike was a model Z22, equipped British Levis engine volume of 121 cubic centimeters. During the year, the market received about 1,000 motorcycles of this model. Motorcycling became one of the most important areas of the company. In the first year of its existence, the motorcycle Z22 participated in competitions for reliability check carried out in Northern Bavaria.

For the team Zundapp made famous at the time racer, having the title of German Champion, Herr metche later than once played for Zundapp. In 1981, sales reached a record 115,000 cars a year. It seemed that the company is waiting for a new boom. But the fact of the matter is that only seemed. In the early ’80s the level of sales has been steadily falling, despite the fact that the stories Zundapp still continue to be popular.

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